Anna Chapman plays poker on the Iphone

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Do you remember Anna Chapman? The ginger Russian was accused by American government to be a spy in USA. The lady keeps making noise around her and Iphone, through Zeda. Inc has just developed a new application of Iphone where you can play poker games and if you in a tournament, you can get more photo of the spy. And if you are good enough, you can also get an invitation to be friend with her on Facebook and read her blog. The application cost $0.99. Don’t hesitate anymore, let go for a poker with Anna. Seriously, if you like poker and lovely lady maybe you will love it but between us, I don’t think that the lady will sale a lot of poker application. And, since a week, it is possible to play poker for real money on the Iphone, so, it is probably better to spend your money for real tournament.

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