The pub with Bruno Solo is crap

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Like everyone, I can enjoy the poker advertisements harassment from Poker Company which has just been authorized by the ARJEL. But, then I have to admit had, the advertising with Bruno Solo for the online poker site ‘party poker’ is really crap.


At the beginning of the ad, you can see Bruno Solo playing poker in front of his computer screen; he already doesn’t look really¬† novoline online focused on it. Then, he is complaining about not having a good game, personally, the game of the artist as an actor is pretty crappy when you think he had played already for French movies, he could do something much better.


Then, after that, he is yelling at his wife because he doesn’t like her music: The French looser. Do you want to play poker after that? At the end of the ad, he received pocket queen, and he smiles and stops to yell at his wife. The idea that I retain is: a looser who can’t play poker and who accuses his wife because he is losing.

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