Winning hands in Texas Holdem

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Pocket Aces
AA, also known as the Pocket Rockets, is the best hand you can have pre-flop. If you have AA you want to get as much money in the pot as you can. Raising pre flop is good but don’t raise too much as you want the other players to call you. Remember how you were playing your previous obvious that you have a good hand.
Pocket Kings
KK, also known as the cowboys, is the second best hand you can have pre-flop. You still want to build the pot by raising pre-flop. If the flop is favorable to you, with no aces or two of a kind, you might want to try to slow play.
But id there is an Ace on the flop, be careful! You don’t want your opponents to notice that you don’t have an Ace but you still need to know when to fold.
Pocket Queens
QQ, also known as the ladies, is the third best hand. You rpobably want to raise more with queens pre-flop, since any Ae or King on the flop can knock you out. You do not want many players calling you when you have QQ. If the flop comes favorable to you bet hard so that your opponent doesn’t have a chance to catch up and beat you.
Pocket Jacks
JJ, or the fishhooks, is still a great hand, but needs to be played stronger, as with the more cards on the table, the more chances there are that you can loose to an A,K or Q! Slow playing a pair of jacks is not a very good decision and could leave you broke!
Ace King Suited
Another good hand is to have AK suited. You can hit an Ace, king or maybe a flush or straight. Still…You need to bet strong pre-flop, you do not want an opponent with a weaker hand to call you and end up hitting something on the flop. This is a hand that needs to be played strong.
Ace Queen Suited
With AQ suited you have the same case as in AK suited, it’s just a tad bit weaker pre-flop. This hand should be played strong pre-flop in an effort to get your weaker opponents to fold.The best wat to really win consistent profits playing poker online is to have the right tools, systems and strategies by your side. Payspark casinos are are popular among online gaming sites if you want to have fun and win money at the same time. Here is being offered a great payspark casino bonus, a great choice for new players in online gaming.

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